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Cogent Capital is a Canadian venture capital firm that invests in real assets and innovative businesses. We are committed to achieving superior financial returns while also generating positive environmental and social benefits.

Real Assets


Cogent Capital acquires, develops, and operates institutional quality real assets in secondary and tertiary markets. Attractive assets come with first-mover advantages and potential to grow net operating income. We aggregate assets into portfolios to enhance risk-adjusted returns.

Innovative Investments


Cogent Capital invests in strong business models with sustainable competitive barriers, clear growth paths, and passionate founder teams. While our investment stages range from pre-seed to series A, Cogent Capital is open to early-stage opportunities, and will invest in pre-revenue, pre-product, or concept-stage companies.

Guiding Principles

Made in Canada


Cogent Capital focuses on opportunities with roots in Canada. We find that Canada is rich with undervalued opportunities across many asset classes and geographies.

Active Investing


We analyse and evaluate each opportunity based on its own merits, and on where we can actively create value. Our investments include infrastructure and real estate, eCommerce, and InfraTech. We bring an open mind to each opportunity.

Positive Impacts


We believe that positive financial returns and positive environmental and social impacts can coexist. Investing in responsible opportunities fosters relationships and lessens some investment risks.


Michael Dainard


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Michael has 15 years of experience in acquiring, financing, and operating real estate and renewable energy assets. Prior to founding Cogent Capital, Michael led industrial and alternative asset divisions at Conundrum Capital Corporation, and was the Director of Finance and Acquisitions of Potentia Solar Inc., Canada’s largest owner and operator of rooftop solar assets.


Michael holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto majoring in Investment Banking and Real Estate, and a bachelor of commerce from McMaster University.

John Lyons


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John has advised on the design and construction of some of Canada’s largest infrastructure and development projects over the past 15 years. In addition, John actively invests in and works with venture-stage companies around the world.


A licensed Professional Engineer, John holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Queen's University at Kingston.


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